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The Theory of 5: Pleasure Versus Pain

When we take short-cuts, apply “quick-fix” patches to problems without actually solving them we leave ourselves with a foundation that stands on very shaky ground, and won’t stand up to the challenges life will inevitably throw our way. Chris Saraceno shares four behaviors that have allowed him to build a foundation that has not only sheltered him from life’s storms but has provided the tools to support his career, my goals and my life.

How Do You Define Leadership

As the leader or one of the leaders of your dealership, you know that you are someone who influences the individuals and groups within your organization, and part of your responsibilities is to help guide them toward successful careers.

What Stops Success?

Success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” That should tell us a lot about the value of goals and how we should approach them. Some of us never reach our goals because we never set any. We may want to be successful, but without goals and purpose we really don’t have any measuring stick to go by.

Be Sure To Sell Your Dealership First

People return to purchase or purchase again because salespeople took the time to build a relationship, which includes selling the customer on the dealership.

Characteristics of the Most Successful Leaders

The greatest leaders are not solely interested in making a living; they are driven to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. They are not just interested in success at work; they seek success in life.

10 Secrets of Great Leaders

The best become the best because they are always seeking ways to become better. It surprises me that average people are usually content with who they are and what they are doing while the above-average performers are always seeking to grow and improve.

The Six Pillars of Professional Power: P.A.M.P.E.R. Your Way to Success

Look at yourself and your life. That is where you will find all the purpose you need to achieve fulfillment. Do your best each day to be the best you that you can be. There is hardly a better purpose than that.