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How to Revive Comatose Customers

You must get committed to utilizing the right appointment processes on the phone and on your website in order to increase your service appointments.

How to Get Buy-In for New Dealership Solutions

There’s no denying that technology of all kinds is changing faster than we can keep up. That’s why decision makers may be skeptical of purchasing any kind of technology for the dealership. So, what do you do when you want to implement a new solution and need to get the decision maker on board?

Dealers Earn Record Profits in 2018 — Fake News or the Real Deal?

Let’s make 2019 a record year for profits in your dealership. The opportunity is in your service department right now as you’re reading this blog. Now go out there with your new attitude and make some money! You deserve it!

Hire Outside the Box

A recent automotive industry statistic projects that by the end of 2020, more than 75 percent of 30,000 technical jobs will not be filled. Now more than ever, we need to be wise about how and where we are focusing our recruiting efforts.

Is Your Customer Retention Costing You Opportunity?

It’s time for you to get committed and start holding everyone accountable for their individual performance to get on track for making this your best year ever in fixed operations.

Managing a Mentoring Program

Mentoring programs can offer an opportunity for skilled technicians in your service department to share their expertise with a less experienced person in order to put them on the fast track to competency in a new career.

A Bonanza Seeking Investors

T2L is “time to line,” a profit-improvement strategy built on a complete cloud-based platform for managing the time it takes to get used cars from acquisition through reconditioning and to the sales line, or at least to where you know what price to accept to cover recon costs and make money.

Walmart Expands CarSaver Program Nationwide

Certified dealers agree to provide fair, upfront pricing to Walmart’s customers and, in exchange, they receive exclusive leads and appointments that are only sent to their dealership. Dealers are reporting that these opportunities convert significantly higher than traditional leads.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…A Construction Project

Change is pain, and nowhere is that more easily articulated than through a construction project. The process by which dealers must navigate their OEM, third-party compliance reviewers and local municipalities just to get their vision for their facility made a reality can be a headache.

GO PRO: How to Harness the Power of Proactivity and Transform

After years of positive growth, the automotive industry is still adjusting to the current trend of declining consumer demand. What lies ahead may still be uncertain, but savvy dealers understand the need to confront the current sales environment by optimizing operations, increasing customer satisfaction and mining for new revenue streams.

The critical element to achieving those goals? Taking a proactive approach. Today’s most successful dealers aren’t waiting for opportunities to come to them. They are actively hunting down new ways to increase profit and decrease costs to push growth despite the challenging conditions. Read on for a closer look at the power of proactivity and how the approach helps dealerships thrive.