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How Dealerships are Losing Online Leads

The automotive industry is notorious for outdated sales practices and our lack of a fundamental e-commerce framework. But what’s worse than no online presence at all is one that feels half-baked and leaves customers more confused than ever.

4 Cultural Tweaks That Can Increase Dealership Sales

“Corporate culture” may sound like the sort of thing that separates hip start-ups in sunny office-lofts from fluorescent cubicle farms. While the Silicon Valley offices of tech giants may seem unrelated to your dealership showroom, there’s a surprising number of important lessons you can learn from them to increase the performance of your team.

Don’t Worry About Millennials — Here’s How to Win Over Gen Z

You keep hearing about millennials as “the digital generation,” but millennials are older than you might think; in reality, Gen Z are the true children of the internet.

The Lesson Dealership Groups Need to Learn from Starbucks

Just like Starbucks, your dealership group will benefit from a uniform omni-channel presence.

A Digital-First Approach to Winning Back the Trust of Car Buyers

Your customers want to buy cars the same way they purchase other goods and services, and that means making the transaction simpler, faster and increasingly transparent.