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Human Resources: Monitoring Employees While Staying Within Legal Boundries

The digital age has made it possible to monitor nearly every aspect of an employee’s life, from reading email messages to tracking an employee’s physical location.

Podcast: Monitoring Radio Advertising

Jeff Johnson, managing partner of JKR Advertising, joins us to discuss monitoring radio advertising.

Why Manager Accountability at the Dealership Matters: A Q&A Session with Automotive Expert Justin Brun

Management is a result-driven discipline; if you’re not holding people accountable, you’re not doing your job. But today’s dealership managers wear more hats than ever — from monitoring the CRM and keeping up with ad spends to handling upset customers and staying on top of training their staff — the list goes on.

Sealing the Cracks Customers Fall Through

It might be easy to think that what is said online won’t impact your bottom line, but smart dealers know that reputation management connects with every other piece of their strategy to catch and keep customers.