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Create Leaders, Not Managers

Let’s indulge in semantics for a moment. A manager is someone who instructs or controls a group of people. They delegate tasks, oversee projects or organize a team. Managers are important, certainly. They keep the lights on for business to run as usual.

How To Manage Over-Abundant Technology

Technology is great, but a top-performing manager must take the data provided by that technology and get out of his chair to work directly with their fixed operations team daily.

Leadership in Fixed Operations – The 10 Percenters

Name a business, any business. The best leaders in that business clearly define a process for their team. They cement the team to the point that everyone’s actions consistently reflect a cohesive commitment to the process.

F&I Solutions Section: Drowning in Paper? Start Taking Charge of Your Processes

An F&I manager once shared with me a work-stress nightmare he’d had. Trapped in his office in a steadily rising sea of paper, he was unable to call out or make a sound as the paper rose higher and higher, until he was ultimately swallowed up.

Why Manager Accountability at the Dealership Matters: A Q&A Session with Automotive Expert Justin Brun

Management is a result-driven discipline; if you’re not holding people accountable, you’re not doing your job. But today’s dealership managers wear more hats than ever — from monitoring the CRM and keeping up with ad spends to handling upset customers and staying on top of training their staff — the list goes on.

Dealerships Have Some of the Best Leaders — and Some of the Worst

In today’s market, to be a successful dealership, you have to have every single person in every single department willing and able to be a leader.