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Better Vehicle Inspection Systems Are Key to Improving Highway Safety

Automated vehicle inspection systems at dealerships and service garages can help car owners avoid accidents and save lives by detecting hard-to-find tire and underbody problems.

10 Tips for Serpentine Belt System Inspection and Service

Just 10% belt slippage can affect the overall driveability of a vehicle. Check out these inspection tips.

Inspecting Brake Hoses to Help Prevent Failure

Most hydraulic brake hoses are made to handle extreme conditions, but sometimes they do fail. After all, most brake hoses live in a tough environment. The best way to prevent failures is by performing a thorough physical inspection with your hands and eyes (and sometimes even your feet).

Hunter Engineering Announces Inspection Integration with Dealer-FX

While integrated with Dealer-FX’s ONE Platform, inspection data is collected and added to Dealer-FX’s Advisor Check-in and Technician Inspection applications.

How to Accelerate Profits Through a Slowdown: The Answers You Need

Only by giving your existing customers the attention they deserve and want will your service sales and RO counts provide the added profits you will need to accelerate through a slowdown.

Suspension Bushing Logic

Even if you can get the camber, caster and toe dialed in on the alignment rack, a weak bushing may cause suspension geometry to change once the vehicle is in motion. These dynamic changes are the reason why bushing inspection is critical.

How to Accelerate Profits Through a Slowdown, Profit Accelerator No. 2: The Inspection Connection

Do you have a policy that all used vehicles be inspected for needed maintenance and/or mechanical repairs before the vehicle is offered for sale?

Increasing Dealership Tire Sales

In today’s world, dealerships represent a significant share of vehicle maintenance. As a result, they encounter increasing opportunities to offer replacement tires for their customers.

Brake Line Inspection: Corrosion Warning Signs and Protecting Against Liability

Some automakers have changed the way they route and protect brake lines. It is not uncommon to see plastic covers over brake lines. Also, some manufacturers will minimize exposure of the lines by routing them in the wheel wells.

Podcast: Vehicle Shipping and Your Dealership

Terrance Evans of MetroGistics speaks with us about dealing with vehicle shipping and logistics for your dealership.