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Volunteering as a Hiring Guide & Benefit

I’m always inspired after reading through our contributors’ articles each month. Their willingness to share their leadership, sales and marketing advice is a testament to the generosity of our industry.

How to Recruit Top Performers

Don’t recruit someone else’s underachiever. Be aggressive, spend a little money and recruit as many applicants as possible and you will find a top performer.

The Gift of Feedback

Feedback is a gift that anchors your relationships in honesty. Everyone depends upon the feedback they receive to appreciate and reinforce their areas of strength, and to identify areas for personal and professional growth and development.

Will Your New Sales Hires Surrender, Squander or Soar in 2019?

With 2019 upon us, many dealerships around the country are making adjustments. These dealerships are making changes in their systems, providers, vendors and staff. One of the major changes many dealerships are making or have made recently is their sales staff.

Diversity and Inclusion: Building a Diverse Team for Today’s Marketplace

The auto sales industry has long struggled with the issue of diversity. While many dealerships have taken steps to be more inclusive in hiring and training, it can be an intimidating world to step into for women, minorities and others not classically included in the “average” dealership setting.

Service Writer vs. Professional Service Advisor: Which Do You Have on Your Staff?

We might assume our top performers simply have sparkling personalities, but many shy, quiet advisors work very successfully in this field. So, what’s the difference between the standouts and the underachievers?