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Preparing for the 2020 Applicant Economy

With the summer sales season in full swing, it might be hard to imagine planning ahead and preparing for the demands next year will hold. But this is the time to start thinking about what is working and what needs to change to set your dealerships up for a successful 2020. Your best bet will be to start planning for the needs of your true competitive advantage: your people.

Why Do We Resist Change? Part 2

This month, Publisher Susan Givens continues with a summary of tips about overcoming resistance to change within organizations.

Why Aren’t There More Women in the Automotive Industry?

When female clients see a gender-balanced staff, they will be much more comfortable entering your store for new cars and service. They may even consider working in your store if they see other women taking advantage of your career opportunities.

Are You on the Front End of the Digital Retailing Transformation?

The internet has forever changed the automotive industry, with digital retailing now transforming dealership strategies across the nation. But many dealers are still hesitant to fully embrace the innovation required to ensure future success in this rapidly evolving retail world. Their reluctance could bring dire consequences.

Why Do We Resist Change?

Resistance to change is one of the most common obstacles that businesses face during organizational change. Ideally, you can replace that resistance with support, boosting project results across the board.

How Fast Can You Change?

Working at the speed of change is not an option. Unless you and your business can adapt, you may be left behind.

How to Get an 800% Return on Investment

Dealers are becoming more and more aggressive in selling used vehicles in search of a substantial return on investment (ROI). I’m confident you will agree that it is critically important for all dealers to earn the highest possible ROI on every single investment they make.

It’s a Jungle Out There, So a Little Obsessiveness Doesn’t Hurt

Ever watch the offbeat TV police procedural “Monk,” about obsessive-compulsive private eye Adrian Monk? His twitchy investigative style helps him “see” patterns and connect dots that escape others, and he always solves the case.

F&I Solutions Section: 4 Reasons You Needed a Desking Tool Yesterday

Just about every dealership management system (DMS) has a built-in desking tool, but not all dealerships use them. Resistance to change is probably the biggest reason why.

Podcast: Getting Buy-In with New Software

Shane Born of ProMax speaks with us about the correct steps to take when adding or changing software or processes in your dealership.

Shane Born
Continuing the Incredible Climb

“People can be resistant to change, so you break that resistance down by embracing it, understanding it and putting focus on it. By embracing it, our team adapts to change pretty well.”

The Unexpected Future of the Dealership

The future can be a frightening place, especially for those not able, or willing, to adapt to changing realities and market conditions. While the auto sales industry has enjoyed several years of growth, change is on the horizon.