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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Understanding the 3 Advertising Tiers and How Vendor Partners Fit the Puzzle

For dealers, the smarter way means bringing in a trusted third party who can prove to you that they are both competent in managing a multifaceted automotive marketing strategy and aware of the need to customize for the local level while still staying OEM compliant.

Global Warming and Vehicle Appearance

Our planet’s climate is ever-changing. Some people believe this is natural while others feel that man’s industry and pollution is contributing. No matter which side of the fence you find yourself standing, it is hard to deny that climate has and will continue to change.

Are You Branding the Wrong Message?

This is a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when you want to send a message to the customer about what a great place this is to do business, but the consistency of that message is never followed through and it ends up doing more harm than good.

Who is Branding Your Message?

Often, a business that is part of a franchise will have trouble carving out its own niche. Usually it is the company selling the franchise that is responsible for developing the branding message for all the franchisees. The automobile industry might be the exception to the rule.

Factory Rewards Programs Versus Dealer-Owned Rewards Programs

Customers like to be rewarded and the more you reward them, the more loyal they become.

Looking to Boost Profit Margins? Might Be Time to Consider Your Own Branded F&I Products

Whether your dealership is franchise or independent, transitioning to a dealer-owned warranty program may be a significant key toward increasing your profit potential, despite the direction of sales activity in the near future.

The Return Of SEO: How Content Marketing Can Revive Your SEO And Brand

Is your dealership ready to go all-in on a content marketing campaign? The benefits content marketing can create for both your dealership’s brand and SEO efforts are proven to create a lasting impact.

Stop Trying to Go Viral! Quality Video Content Drives Leads

We’ve all heard a story about a small business somewhere that experienced amazing success because of a viral video. These stories are few and far between, but like an urban legend their power grows, propagated by social media experts. As a result, some dealerships are spending time, money and energy trying to create cute and funny videos in the hopes they’ll go viral.

Advertising is a Four-Letter F Word: Fail

Advertising is about traditional tactics and branding. Modern marketing is about content and bonding. The main difference is the storytelling. Your dealership offers a lifestyle product — the creative opportunities are plentiful, and yet most of you take the easy way out and “spray and pray.

Getting Off The Ground. Fenton Nissan of Rockwall Sales up 189% YTD!

There’s a freedom that comes from opening a new dealership from scratch. It’s a clean slate, free of any baggage that comes from taking over an existing store. There are no dings on your reputation from past mistakes. Your facility will be new and state-of-the-art. It can be designed to take advantage of new technology.