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Sell or Buy First?

Who knew that Aristotle, the philosopher from Greek antiquity, struggled with the same question used car managers do: Which comes first?

Make Every Customer Interaction Count: Let Customers Build Trusted Relationships with Your Team, Not Your Chat or Its Bot

Buying a car is the second most expensive decision for most people; the decision requires a trusted relationship; it requires premium service. In the internet era, video chat is the first step in building the trust and creating a seamless customer journey by focusing on the end-to-end buying experience.

When Auto and Insurance Sales Collide on the Showroom Floor

In case you haven’t heard, insurance companies are placing their agencies inside dealerships across the country and within the nucleus of those dealerships an awesome collision of industries is occurring.

Why Fixed Ops Needs To Drive Your Dealerships

Technology is already making the difference between the successful and not so successful dealerships. The time to get on board is now.