Mark Vickery - Senior Director of Performance Management for VinSolutions
Train Every Day: Ongoing Learning is Essential to Sustained Success

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to reduce efficiency, frustrate your employees and ultimately have them move on to other dealerships, neglect their ongoing training.

Podcast: Revisiting Your CRM Processes

Mark Vickery of VinSolutions on revisiting your CRM process to increase your dealership’s profitability.

Are You Making a Common CRM Process Mistake?

Every dealership is different, so every process should be different, but there are a couple of common mistakes we often see dealers make that are worth keeping in mind
as you develop your processes.

Webinar: Revisiting Your CRM Processes to Increase Profitability

CRM processes play an enormous role in how cars are sold at a dealership, and yet many dealers are failing to examine the effectiveness of their workflows. This webinar will teach you how to recognize when your CRM processes aren’t working, and how to start making CRM process improvements.

Are Your Customers Feeling the Love?

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year or an elaborate scheme by greeting card companies, it is upon us. We spend this time of year showing our loved ones we care, but is your dealership doing the same for your customers?

Cementing the Service Relationship  

Most dealers aren’t taking the simple extra steps needed to cement the service relationship with customers. They’re failing to realize the impact that proactively building the bridge between service and sales in your dealership can have on a dealership’s bottom line.

The Business Case for Gratitude

This year, I’m upping my “thank you” game, and I challenge you to the same in your dealership — for the benefit of your employees, your customers and yourself.

Give Your CRM Good Data for More Profitable Customer Connections

One constant message we send to customers is that their CRM is only as good as the data entered in it. The way data is captured, managed and utilized in the CRM is the key to customer acquisition and retention. Now, some dealers may think advertising is the most effective way to reach customers. Advertising

Accountability: Who’s Doing What?

Ahhhh. Leadership. Accountability. Both are concepts we are all too familiar with. Can you have one without the other? I don’t think so. Leadership is many things, and many books have been written on the topic, but I’m going to ask you to zero in on one aspect: accountability.

Improving the Car Buying Experience By Maximizing the CRM

There is one constant complaint from automotive customers: Nobody likes the car buying process. In fact, according to a 2016 Autotrader Car Buyer of the Future Study, less than 1 percent of consumers like the current process. The study further explains that the two biggest sources of car buying frustration are that it takes too

Three Simple Ways to Resell to Current Customers

With dealership margins shrinking as quickly as sales are slowing, you’ll have to get creative if you want to stay profitable this year. Fortunately, the best way to grow revenue during a sales slump doesn’t require nearly as much effort or expense as new customer acquisition. Plus, it uses tools that you’ve already got at