Dave Robertson - Executive Director of AFIP
Close More Deals, Defend Your Market Share by Educating Buyers

Teaching customers F&I insider tips drives sales and keeps buyers happy.

Centering Pendulums and Establishing Industry Norms

There are two key factors for the imbalance, factors the industry has an obligation to address.

Illinois’ 36% MAPR-Model Ceiling

The state’s focus on fair dealings with consumers mirrors the scrutiny of regulatory agencies in other states and at the federal level.

The Big Money is Always in Doing the Right Thing…a Mini Memoir

It’s clear the big money in F&I comes from solid income-per-retail-unit performance, coupled with low chargebacks, working as part of a sales-floor, desking and sales management team.

6 Things Every Car Buyer Should Know

AFIP provides essential advice for car buyers. Dealers are wise to keep these in mind as well.

Mining Remedies from the FTC Staff Report

Buyer complaints ran the gamut from not knowing that vehicle purchases were negotiable to the vexing fine-print qualifiers in ads.

A $1.5 Million F&I Chargeback

You can help put an end to the negative misperception about dealer-assisted financing — and hopefully prevent more shackling legislation.

The Truth About ‘Dealer Markup’

How can a universal business practice that engages the full array of vehicle finance resources be so misconstrued?

Coexisting with COVID-19 – The New Abnormal

Three strategic steps for effectively navigating the new abnormal in life and in the dealership.

Now What? Capitalizing on the New Normal

The quarantine demonstrated that the technology and practicality of buying running shoes online works equally well for buying cars from franchised dealers. Are you ready to fully capitalize on the digital marketplace?

COVID-19 Impact…Semper Fi F&I

With the pace spurred by the COVID-19 quarantine, franchised dealers, big and small, are beefing up their e-commerce capabilities.

Podcast: Conducting F&I Remotely

Dave Robertson, executive director for AFIP, joins us to discuss how COVID-19 has affected vehicle sales and how dealers are conducting F&I remotely.