Don Reed - CEO of DealerPro Training
Revving Up Your Dealership’s Service Traffic: 6 Essential Strategies for Success

These strategies are not just theories but are proven tactics that have led to significant improvements in service traffic and overall dealership profitability.

Revving Up Your Dealership’s Service Traffic: 6 Essential Strategies for Success
12 Steps to Building a Service Sales Force

How do you build an advisor sales force in your service drive? It’s no different than what you’re doing in the showroom.

Are You Missing These Service Drive Profit Opportunities?

Most customers rely upon someone with vehicle knowledge to provide maintenance recommendations. Shouldn’t that be you?

Don Reed Profit Opportunities
How Employee Retention Impacts Owner Retention

You don’t tolerate underachievers in sales, but do you maintain a safe haven for them in your fixed operations?

2020 Vision: A Clear Path to Increased Profits

Don’t worry too much on volume and gross with your goals, concentrate on how well your sales team follows the processes. If everyone is following the processes correctly, the closing ratio will take care of itself.

Since When Is Selling a Bad Thing?

The same dealers responsible for achieving impressive sales benchmarks will cross over the line to the backend of their dealerships and tolerate far too many underachievers who are losing thousands of dollars in additional gross profits. Are you one of those dealers?

Kentucky Dealership Puts Customers First

AutoSuccess sat down with Glenn’s Freedom’s Nathan Stahl, the general manager and operating partner, and Casey Dalton, the dealership’s service director, to learn more about the improvements they’ve made in Service and Parts and how they achieved an additional $400,000 in additional gross profits year over year.

How to Evaluate Your Parts Department

Don Reed wants to encourage you to think about your parts department’s level of service. To put it another way, does your parts department provide every customer the highest level of service they possibly can? Well, to answer that question properly we must first determine who is the customer he’s referring to?

How to Evaluate Your Service Director

Maybe you should consider re-allocating some of your advertising and marketing dollars spent on the front-end to the back-end. Why, you ask? Let’s do the math and see why.

Are You Spinning Your Wheels in Owner Retention?

It’s time for you to get committed and start holding everyone accountable for their individual performance to get on track for making this your best-ever year in fixed operations.

Why Is It Called ‘Fixed Operations’?

Give your customers reasons to come back, keep your name in front of them every month, make sure you have convenient hours, train your service and parts team on how to effectively communicate with your customers by offering benefits, always exceed the customer’s expectations and remember: if you don’t care, they won’t either.

Why You Should Be Optimistic About Fixed Ops

Retail service traffic is increasing and net profits are improving. Great news for us all! My concern is this: What are you going to do with the additional service customers?