David Boice - Co-Founder & CEO for Team Velocity Marketing
The Automated Future of Video Advertising

Skip. The button most people hit so they can ignore the ad and go straight to the YouTube video they wanted to watch. But what if that ad was customized to every unique viewer with the current offer available at their local dealership for the exact car they were just shopping for?

Just Text Me

Text is now the preferred method of communications for U.S. adults. It has a 99% open rate compared to email’s 20% (at best), making it a far more effective form of communication. However, most dealerships’ websites still have countless clever — and annoying — ways to attempt to get a consumer to fill out a lead form.

Mission Improbable

Running a dealership is hard, it’s competitive and it isn’t easy. Adding a technology integrator into the mix shouldn’t be part of the job description.

What’s The ROI on my Digital Advertising?

We have different piggy banks in the automotive industry. Dealers need to deposit local, profitable sales and service transactions into their piggy banks to measure growth and success. I wrote this article in hopes of gaining feedback and insight on a subject where I believe our industry could improve.

Are You Setting the Table for 2017?

In 2017, we will all start to read and hear about some progressive dealers delivering “a lot” of vehicles to customers outside the dealership. All that hard effort is being worked on now behind the scenes. Like everything in our industry, this service will evolve and dealers will obviously experience some ups and downs. Smart