Veterans & Vehicles: Mike Cavanaugh

2021 Honoree

Mike Cavanaugh (Marines)

Vice President Operations
Lithia & Driveway

How has your military experience influenced your career in the automotive industry?

I learned many things in the military, but a few things that transferred over were discipline, grit, leadership and the ability to stick with something until the mission or project is complete, no matter how hard it is.


What are some of the ways you have seen the industry support veterans?

Some of the best folks I’ve worked with in automotive have been veterans. I’ve hired many veterans of all branches myself whether fellow Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force or National Guard. I believe the industry can do a much better job at giving veterans a career after their military service is over. At Lithia and Driveway, we are making efforts every day to try to connect with veterans and get their career in automotive started.


Give one piece of advice for veterans entering the industry.

Just like you can work your way up the ranks in the military, the same holds true in the automotive industry. Focus on mastering your craft and outwork everyone and you will be successful. This holds true whether you are a technician, in sales, finance or in the office.