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Leadership Podcast: Remotivating Your Resolutions

If you find yourself flagging on your New Year’s resolutions, look to these motivational tips from past guests.

Leadership Podcast: Motivational Advice

In this special leadership podcast, we’ve returned to some of our past guests to learn what motivational advice they have been given that has made a distinct difference in their careers.

Positive or Negative Motivation — Which Works Best?

In our drive to get the best results out of the people we manage or teach or coach or parent, we may adopt methods that appeal to our fundamental need to control outcomes.

How Green Peas Can Fortify Your Profits

If you need to hire additional service advisors or replace underachievers, think outside the box. Consider Green Peas.

Strategies for Helping Your Salespeople Work as a Team

If you ever want to motivate someone, give them someone to compete with and a reward to work toward. Think about it: which would motivate you more: “Go sell 10 cars” or “Sell more cars than everyone else and get a spiff”?

The Theory of 5: What is Your Why? Finding the Real Reason Behind Our Goals

There’s no shortage of articles, videos, books, blog posts, podcasts and other material that share the importance for building profits and gaining wealth. “It will take focus, stamina, courage and determination to build our financial and business skills,” we’re told, “so let’s get started now!”

Leadership Podcast: Staying Motivated and Inspired

We’ve returned with some of our past guests to discuss what thought processes or steps they take to stay motivated and inspired, especially when things aren’t going quite as planned.

A Game Plan for Success

Even with a plan in place, the process of improving doesn’t happen automatically. When managers build a finely tuned team through goal setting, training, educating and coaching, they will put the business on the road to success.

Comfort is Killing Your Dream — Discomfort Will Launch You Forward

If you want to smash your goals and fly to heights you’ve only dreamt of, you need to change your environment.

Are You Making What You Should in Fixed Ops? Part 2

Implementing changes and the training process dealerships need to provide your fixed operations team with the skills they need to accomplish their goals.

Are You Making What You Should in Fixed Ops?

If your Net is not increasing, compare your year over year Sales, Gross Profits and Expenses to help you determine if your Sales and Gross Profits are too low or if your Expenses too high … or is it BOTH?

Nurturing Ideas Or Killing Creativity?

Nothing is more fragile than a new idea. Business owners and leaders often say that they want their teams to innovate and “think outside the box.” For this to happen, though, there need to be certain elements in place conducive to free thinking, idea generation and general “what would happen if…?” questions. There are three