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Why Aren’t More Dealers Leveraging Credit-First Soft Pulls?

Soft pulls can strengthen consumer confidence and trust in making the right decision.

Exeter Finance Extends into Near Prime

New energy from new ownership fuels company growth and expansion plans.

Equifax and Credit Bureau Connection Team Up to Provide Soft Credit Inquiry Checks to Auto Dealers and Lenders

A soft credit inquiry check is a consumer-based offering and does not require a firm offer of credit to be provided.

Use a Multi-Bureau Approach to Generate More Sales and Gross Profits

“Process, as you know, is essential for any dealership. A consistent procedure to pull all three bureaus at the right time in the sales process before desking the deal is critical to maximizing the benefits of score variance.

Trigger Leads are an Effective Way to Capture In-Market Car Buyers Looking to Purchase Now

We know that all dealerships are not created equal when it comes to helping consumers with subprime credit. Most dealers don’t have the lenders, inventory or knowledge to help these customers.