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A Simple Way to Boost Recruiting and Retain High-Quality Techs

An easy way to add to a great auto service work environment is by providing high-quality techs with high-quality equipment.

Repair vs. Replace: Your 5-Step Checklist for Tire Equipment

If your equipment is outdated, it could be eating up your technician’s time. If you’re having to turn away more jobs than you’d like, it’s time to buy a replacement.

Cordless Tool Innovations

Today’s cordless power tools are impressive, powerful and affordable, thanks to many fantastic ideas and innovations over recent years. From batteries, to charging, to ergonomics, the technology has far eclipsed that of the originals of years ago.

Anatomy of a Dealership Detail Department

If you take the time to view your detail operation using these five Principles of Production, you will see that there are problems that are costing your dealership a lot of money.

How to Better Operate the Detail Department

In most dealerships today, the responsibility for the management of the detail department is problematic because the detail department is, in most dealerships, the one that nobody wants to claim.

Through the Looking Glass: Are There Missing Profits Sitting in Your Service Department?

Every profit stream is important in your dealership today and should never be overlooked — especially when it is sitting in your service department. Many times, a perceived smaller profit center may not get the attention it deserves.