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Auto Dealerships’ Online Shopping Experience Fail to Meet Customer Expectations, Affinitiv Study Finds

“To meet customer expectations, auto retailers must evolve their shopping experience to match the precedent set by retailers in other industries,” said Doug Van Sach, Affinitiv’s vice president, strategy & analytics. Affinitiv’s survey found that the online shopping experience offered by dealers falls short in three key areas.

Why Is It Called ‘Fixed Operations’?

Give your customers reasons to come back, keep your name in front of them every month, make sure you have convenient hours, train your service and parts team on how to effectively communicate with your customers by offering benefits, always exceed the customer’s expectations and remember: if you don’t care, they won’t either.

How to Grow Service Revenue

Creating processes and marketing programs that focus on the relationship, rather than the here and now, is a critical part of any service growth plan. 

How Do Your Service Advisors Measure Up?

Would you agree that you can’t “save your way to increased profitability?” If so, then why are so many dealers still missing out on earning the gross profits they deserve? The answer is … people!