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Hybrid Fluid Maintenance

Like conventional vehicles, hybrids still use fluids and maintenance will continue to be required.

Engine Cooling Systems and Rocket Science

Internal combustion engine designs are trending smaller with higher turbocharger boosts to produce big-engine torque and horsepower ratings.

Identifying and Servicing Intelligent Cooling Systems

With engines increasing performance in terms of compression ratio and combustion temperatures, cooling systems needed to enter into the fuel injection age. What is replacing the conventional water pump and thermostat are electronic thermostats and electric water pumps.

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Cooling System Tools & Equipment

Vehicle cooling systems are no exception and equipping yourself with the right tools will result in quick and accurate diagnosis, efficient repair and the bottom line — profit.

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Cooling System Design

Given the advanced state of internal combustion engine (ICE) technology, some recent cooling system innovations will actually increase engine torque and fuel economy while reducing exhaust emissions. Let me simplify that idea: new cooling system technology will make ICEs run better and cleaner. So, let’s get review some basics.