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Finding the Cause of Brake Pulls

Here are a few tips to follow when diagnosing brake pull during a test drive.

10 Tips for Servicing Hydroboost Units

Hydroboost vehicles are not hard to work on and typically don’t require special tools, but they require service information and a working knowledge of the system.

Master Cylinder Inspections

Although modern master cylinders are reliable, they do require periodic inspection.

master cylinder inspections
Test, Bleed, Flush: How Can You Protect Your Customer’s Brake System?

Visual inspection of the fluid can be extremely misleading. The color of brake fluid can vary from clear to shades of blue. Even if the brake fluid is discolored, it might still meet the system’s performance requirements.

Measuring Pedals and Pads

On a mechanical level, it’s easy to understand how brakes work. We all understand that brake fluid transfers force from one hydraulic component to another. But, how does this apply to how a brake pedal feels?