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Battery, Charging & Starting System Diagnostic Tools

Electronics have advanced so dramatically over the last 20 years that you must have modern equipment to keep up with it.

Service EV Batteries with BendPak’s New Lifting System

Portable, strong and efficient scissor lift table also supports virtually any powertrain.

Diagnostic Strategies for Start/Stop Systems

This function of the power management system uses several modules to decide when the engine needs to stop and start.

start/stop systems
CTEK and Cadex Forge Partnership, to Redefine Automotive Battery Diagnostics

This agreement will see two technological pioneers join forces to bring a revolutionary new approach to battery testing in the automotive industry.

Associated Equipment Announces New and Improved BEST IN CLASS Battery Charger Warranty

Associated Equipment Corp. (AEC) announces New BEST IN CLASS Warranty program for domestically made wheeled battery chargers.

Embracing ADAS!

ADAS systems need a vehicle’s visibility, electrical/charging, brake, suspension and steering components to be in good-working order to work their magic.

Alternator Testing Tips — One Test Is Not Enough

All too often, the alternator is condemned by technicians due to a battery voltage test alone. However, there are many circumstances to consider before dooming the part to the recycling bin.

Alternator Testing: Diagnostics are Getting More Complicated

One test is not enough if you are diagnosing a charging system problem. All too often, the alternator is condemned as the source of the problem if only battery voltage is present with the engine running. If this is the case, it means that the alternator is not charging, but does not reveal why.