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360Converge Is Now Dealertxt to More Closely Align with Importance of Texting and Automation in Automotive Industry

Dealertxt announced a rebrand of their existing 360Converge communication platform and website.

360Converge Acquires Valuinsight

The addition of Valuinsight inventory management features to the existing 360Converge communication platform will increase dealership’s texting and emailing capabilities, while decreasing the labor needed to effectively monetize the dealership’s existing customer base.

360Converge Releases Free Texting Solution to Help Dealerships Communicate COVID Health & Safety Updates Quickly with Staff and Partners

“Text is the best way to connect with a large group of team members and ensure everyone within the organization receives the same message in a timely manner,” said Todd Smith, 360Converge CEO.

The Lead Deception

See how lead enrichment can help to gain the additional insights you need to increase contact rates and produce better conversations.

Using Data to Connect With Buyers

Creating a comprehensive contact record opens up communication channels and extends your marketing reach with every shopper.

Elevator Operators Can Show Us the Path to Digital Retailing

For digital retailing to succeed in automotive, we need to add the human element to ease the transition from the current habits of car buying shoppers. Human interaction during the online process will yield much better results than leaving it to the customers to figure it out for themselves. 

Is Your Data Living on an Island Doing Nothing for You?

Most automotive CRMs present only a snapshot of your customers’ data, which will decay over time unless you are working hard to keep your database “evergreen.” Your dealership’s job is to effectively gather data and protect it to give your dealership the competitive advantage it needs to flourish.

Your CRM Will Be at the Center of Your Success

While existing CRMs may still bring a level of ROI for the dealership, data, bots and personalization will start to change shopper and customer expectations and redefine how the automotive sales process will work. Stop focusing on things from the past and ask yourself, are you creating experiences that create rapport and build trust that will last a lifetime with every shopper?