Tim Yalich is head of automotive strategy for Wolters Kluwer
How End-of-Year-Sales May Impact Auto Finance Digital Transformation Strategies

We still have a very paper-driven culture but we need to continue to shift focus to digitization to reduce risk and liability.

Why All Evaults Are Not Created Equal

Today’s leading solutions afford the necessary protection to securely manage the electronically originated documents and assets.

How Does an eVault Transform Dealer and Lender Digital Operations?

It takes more than just a website to successfully purchase a vehicle online. There is an entire system working behind the scenes that also must be digitized, and it involves several parties including the dealer, consumer and lender.

Why Dealers, Lenders and Service Providers Remain Disconnected on a Full Digital Retailing Experience

Our paper-driven culture in automotive, slows down the overall process and increases opportunities for unwanted errors. We now need to shift focus to digitization for more automation throughout the process.

How SubPrime and Independent Dealers Can Digitize Their Back-Office

With a convergence of back-office processes from paper to digital, dealers can solidify a promising future of profitable growth and service to their local communities.