Todd Smith - President & CEO of 360Converge
Podcast: How Lead Enrichment Helps Your Sales

Todd Smith, president and CEO for 360Converge, joins us to discuss lead enrichment and how it can help your sales.

The Lead Deception

See how lead enrichment can help to gain the additional insights you need to increase contact rates and produce better conversations.

Using Data to Connect With Buyers

Creating a comprehensive contact record opens up communication channels and extends your marketing reach with every shopper.

Elevator Operators Can Show Us the Path to Digital Retailing

For digital retailing to succeed in automotive, we need to add the human element to ease the transition from the current habits of car buying shoppers. Human interaction during the online process will yield much better results than leaving it to the customers to figure it out for themselves. 

Podcast: Utilize Your Customer Data

Todd Smith, President and CEO for 360Converge, joins us to discuss how dealerships can better utilize their customer data in their marketing efforts.

Is Your Data Living on an Island Doing Nothing for You?

Most automotive CRMs present only a snapshot of your customers’ data, which will decay over time unless you are working hard to keep your database “evergreen.” Your dealership’s job is to effectively gather data and protect it to give your dealership the competitive advantage it needs to flourish.

Your CRM Will Be at the Center of Your Success

While existing CRMs may still bring a level of ROI for the dealership, data, bots and personalization will start to change shopper and customer expectations and redefine how the automotive sales process will work. Stop focusing on things from the past and ask yourself, are you creating experiences that create rapport and build trust that will last a lifetime with every shopper?

Bringing Your Service Department Into the Modern Age

Many service departments are still operating in the same manner that they were 10 years ago. Repair orders are being manually input into a dealership’s DMS, which, many times, isn’t connected to the dealership’s CRM.

The Chatbot Won’t Save Your Business

Chatbots: the latest buzzword in the automotive industry. Effective solution or hype?

As all this talk about chatbots comes to the forefront of our lives, we need to take a hard look at reality versus science fiction. Right now, the machine-learning industry is the driving force of the chatbot ecosystem, while the technology world works toward the world of real artificial intelligence (AI).

Four Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Mentoring Program at Your Dealership

You see it at the dealership all the time. That new salesperson far exceeds everyone else’s numbers at the store during the first month. Then, the sales start to slip. By the fourth month, the person gets fired for not meeting his or her numbers.

Why Manager Accountability at the Dealership Matters: A Q&A Session with Automotive Expert Justin Brun

Management is a result-driven discipline; if you’re not holding people accountable, you’re not doing your job. But today’s dealership managers wear more hats than ever — from monitoring the CRM and keeping up with ad spends to handling upset customers and staying on top of training their staff — the list goes on.

Podcast: Using Live Chat in a Slowing Economy

Todd Smith of ActivEngage talks with us about making the most of live chat in a slowing economy.

Podcast: Live Chat