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Your Service Department and Video

Why does video work? Since we, as humans, are physically hard-wired to respond to movement, the pitch of voices, and body language, all of which create strong emotional connections, video accomplishes this.

“We look at faces to gather information and determine someone’s credibility. This is why we are so intrigued by live action videos featuring people” – Susan Weinschenk Ph.D.

Why does video work? Since we, as humans, are physically hard-wired to respond to movement, the pitch of voices, and body language — all of which create strong emotional connections — video accomplishes this.

While so many dealerships are realizing the positive and immediate impact of implementing video into their marketing strategy for the sales side with “Why Buy” and full motion walk around videos, many are still overlooking the service side.

When a customer has so many options to deal with their vehicle’s maintenance, it is imperative that your service department is not only viewed as your own customers’ “go-to” for future maintenance of their vehicle but also should be viewed as the trusted “go-to” for everyone in your community. You want the shopper to become emotionally invested in you.

People in general have fears of the unknown, and when you couple that with an inherent distrust with dealerships in general, service departments have quite the uphill battle for not only initial customers, but their continued patronage as well.

Here are four profitable ways that you and your service department can implement video both on your Website and within communications with your customers to not only overcome those fears but also greatly increase your sales and profits:

  • Value Proposition Video
  • Service Testimonial Video
  • Service Manager/Personnel Introduction Video
  • “How-To” Videos

Value Proposition Video — The value proposition video answers the “Why trust us?” question. Many customers are afraid that, if they bring their vehicle into a dealership service department, the repair will be expensive or they will experience unnecessary upsell. In the value proposition video, address your customers’ fears by featuring friendly service personnel, focus on how your technicians are trained, the quality of your repair work and, most of all, emphasize your trustworthiness. Be certain to mention any awards you’ve won and your positive BBB Rating.

Service Testimonial Video — The testimonial video tells the shopper your customers’ service experience in “their words,” which is always a lot more powerful than you describing the experience in “your words.” Create videos that feature happy and loyal customers explaining in “their words” how great the experience was when getting their vehicle serviced with your dealership. When recording their testimonial, ask your customers to explain what their biggest fears were when they came in and how your service department eased their fears, took care of the repairs and how reasonable the pricing was.

Service Manager/Personnel Introduction — People buy from people they trust — people trust people they like. Coupling this with the fact that people like to support local businesses, there is no better way than with video to convey that your employees are part of your businesses local community. These introduction videos don’t just have to be of the service manager; you can have an introduction video for everyone at your store. This is where you have the opportunity to “humanize” your entire department.

“How-To” Video — A lot of dealerships think that this type of video will decrease business by showing a customer how to do the repair themselves. The reality is that it will go a long way in building trust in your services offered — and build value with the price. Discuss the “time” it takes to complete the repair. Discuss any special tools that are needed to do the repair correctly. Discuss potential damages and expenses that could result if the repair isn’t competed immediately (or very soon) and the damage and expenses that could result if the repair is done incorrectly or by an untrained technician.

Ok, so now you have video; where do you put them to be most effective? Service department videos should be included not only the “Service” page of your Website — so that they are front and center for Website visitors — but also should be showcased on a “Service Videos” page of your Website, showcasing all service-related videos. These videos could also be on a “Service Videos” page on your Facebook account. Most importantly, include these videos within your text and e-mail communications with your customers for increased value of services and building trust.

Get Found When People Search for Your Services
Another big advantage to having videos relating to your services is the increase in SEO. The easy and short way of garnering increased SEO is to put these videos on your YouTube Channel. This is good, but if you want to get those “searchers” to view those videos on your Website, you should definitely host on a platform that allows your Website to garner that valuable SEO. Your inventory video provider or Website provider can easily facilitate this for you.

Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to create an academy-award winning movie. These videos don’t necessarily need to be big productions. If you have the budget and time, great — but what is most important is that they convey sincerity, professionalism and honesty. Shoot your videos on location, depending on the type of video. Let the shopper see what they actually will if they were to be in your service department standing next to you.

In conclusion, video is the medium of choice by your shoppers. A service video strategy not only builds trust, increases value in your services, but it increases appointments and profits. In this digital age that our shoppers are so highly engaged with, it’s not a matter of “if” but more so “when” you implement a video strategy. That, then, leads to the question, “Are going to be ahead of your competitors or playing catch up?”

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