Xtime Launches FlexPay to Offer Improved Service Financing Options

Xtime Launches FlexPay to Offer Improved Service Financing Options

Xtime's FlexPay is currently available at no additional cost to all U.S. Xtime dealers with a DigniFi account through Xtime's Schedule, Inspect and Engage products.

New solution helps maximize revenue for dealers through more simplified payment plans for customers

Many service customers struggle to pay for auto repairs out of pocket, making it difficult for dealerships to sell service recommendations in a way that maximizes fixed ops revenue. In fact, 71% of additional service recommendations and 29% of primary service lines go unsold.1

To help increase dealer revenue per repair order and provide customers with more flexible service financing, Xtime is integrating with DigniFi to launch FlexPay, an easy-to-use payment option offered directly through the Xtime platform. With FlexPay, dealers can help boost service department revenue while making comprehensive auto repairs more affordable to customers. 

“Our research shows 63% of customers are unable to pay for a $500auto repair out of pocket, so advisors are having difficulty selling not just additional service recommendations, but also regularly scheduled maintenance,” said Tracy Fred, vice president of operations at Xtime.2 “These unsold services present a missed opportunity that dealers can reclaim by offering a simplified and streamlined service financing process.”

To fill this gap in the market, many forward-thinking dealers have already adopted service financing options to help make vehicle service more accessible to customers and lessen the impact of unexpected repairs on consumers’ budgets. However, until FlexPay, service financing solutions required their own separate systems, complicating the sales process for service advisors and depreciating the customer experience. FlexPay offers a more streamlined service financing option from within a dealer’s existing appointment scheduling and inspection process. The payment option is presented throughout the system as consumers engage with it. 

“Today, making a service experience easy and contactless are the keys to success, so excluding financing solutions as part of the process is no longer optional,” said Richard Counihan, CEO at DigniFi. “By integrating with Xtime to create FlexPay, our dealer clients can provide a better customer experience while enjoying easy processing and potentially higher profitability.”

Dealers will discover the following competitive advantages by offering Xtime’s FlexPay: 

  • Increased revenue per repair order: Customers are 76% more likely to make purchases if a simple and seamless payment plan is available, making it easier for advisors to sell primary and additional service recommendations..3
  • Simplified service financing sales process: By integrating seamlessly into dealerships preexisting scheduling and inspection systems, FlexPay provides more efficiency through the sales process and a better customer experience. 
  • Higher repair order close rates: Xtime’s FlexPay has a consistent presentation of offerings across multiple customer touchpoints that drives wider knowledge of the service financing option and in turn, increases business opportunities for the dealer as well as more comprehensive service for the customer. 

“The option for flexible service financing through Xtime’s FlexPay is a real game changer for a lot of our customers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford their repair order upfront,” said Jay Helbert, Operations Director at Town East Ford. “It’s also a big advantage for our service advisors who no longer have to toggle between systems to process financing and technicians can perform the full level of service recommendations that they make for a vehicle, which at the end of the day, means better service and a better experience for the customer too.”

Xtime’s FlexPay is currently available at no additional cost to all U.S. Xtime dealers with a DigniFi account through Xtime’s Schedule, Inspect and Engage products.

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