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WheelsAuto Selects SaleSleeve Vehicle Compliance Displays

SaleSleeve has streamlined the process for displaying sales documents in a highly visible application, with a focus on helping dealers become and stay compliant.

SaleSleeve, a weatherproof document display company, announced recently that Wheels Automotive Dealer Supplies has added SaleSleeve’s patented products, to its newest online catalog, available early April.

SaleSleeve is a unique, patented, sales document holder, designed to provide optimum visibility when used to display sales documents. It can be affixed to the inside or the outside of the vehicle and its IPX7 waterproof rating makes it an extremely durable compliance solution to protect sales documents on automotive lots.

“WheelsAuto carefully evaluates the quality and value of every product we offer to auto dealers. We’re pleased to announce that SaleSleeve met our standards and is now included in our newest catalog,” said Renee Perri, vice president, corporate division, for Wheels Automotive.

The SaleSleeve patent is for a protective envelope that encloses a one- or two-page document and protects that document from weather damage, airflow from vehicle movement, and friction from lowering and raising a vehicle’s window.

SaleSleeve has been field tested in all types of weather conditions including temperatures ranging from minus 15 F to 185 F degrees and the harsh elements of the most vigorous of hurricanes.

“Dealerships are discovering that SaleSleeve is durable, inexpensive and a remarkably versatile solution for displaying a vehicle’s sales documents,” said SaleSleeve Logistics Manager Benjamin Brown. “We’re delighted to have Wheels Automotive Dealer Supplies include SaleSleeve in its catalog where it will be seen by thousands of franchise, independent and buy-here/pay-here dealers.”

The uniquely designed and translucent SaleSleeve holders peel away from glass easily when they need to be removed, leaving no adhesive residue. SaleSleeve has streamlined the process for displaying sales documents in a highly visible application, with a focus on helping dealers becoming and staying compliant.


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