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Dealerships that Succeed Use Data to Make Decisions


Act fast and act smart with data! In just 3 easy sections, this webinar will show you:
• The secrets of data-driven decision making – from lead conversion to service upsell
• How a dealership reporting platform works
• How smart dealers make smart decisions using decision analytics and strike when the timing’s right

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The automotive retail business is changing, and your dealership has to do more to get the same results. With brutal competition and a slowing market, the smartest dealers use all the tools at their disposal to beat the competition. This free webinar will walk you through the process of data-driven decision making using advanced reporting tools to gain a 360-degree view of your dealership.

Data-driven decision making can help you:
1. Improve your lead conversion
2. Lower your cost per lead and cost of sales
3. Improve service margins
4. Lower your floor plan interest expense
5. Manager your accounting and cash flow better
6. Do hundreds of other things in your dealership


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