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Are You Leaving Money on the Table? Tips to Maximize your Retail for Warranty Profits


Most dealers have not optimized their profits in applying for Retail for Warranty reimbursement from the manufacturer. This seminar will cover key areas for ensuring you maximize your results.

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This webinar will cover:
1. Review of current laws and rules governing how to submit for increases from the manufacturer
2. How to analyze your current performance to know if there is money left on the table
3. The “mechanics” for ensuring you will maximize your store’s results

Most dealers are aware of what is referred to as “Retail for Warranty” – being reimbursed from the Manufacturer for warranty claims based on the same gross profit margins for customer pay labor and parts on similar repairs. But what most dealers don’t realize is there are ways to maximize that profit potential thru analytical, disciplined processes that could mean $100,000’s of additional profit opportunity.

Understanding the laws and rules for submitting your increases are only one dimension for maximizing your results. Applying a more scientific model to the approach will guarantee you a better return, and more bottom-line profits!


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