WebBuy Launches CarValuator Digital Trade-In Appraisal, Instant Purchase Offer Solution
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WebBuy Launches Digital Trade-In Appraisal Solution

WebBuy has announced its CarValuator solution is now available as a stand-alone product. Until now CarValuator has only been available as part of the entire WebBuy digital retail application. 

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WebBuy said its CarValuator Application trade-in and purchase offer solution delivers a unique solution that is 100% customizable, driving a superior consumer experience, the company said. The application’s custom-designed logic provides precise valuations and the fully integrated real-time lien payoff feature saves time and eliminates discrepancy write-offs. The built-in vehicle mileage history verifications ensure transparency and accuracy, while the high customer offer acceptance rates deliver greater conversion and acquisition rates.  

“CarValuator provides the consumer with the transparency they demand,” Tom Murray, CEO of WebBuy, said. “CarValuator provides the self-directed consumer the confidence they desire to understand a thorough, realistic and accurate appraisal. The combined effect of providing a best-in-class consumer experience with the flexibility dealers need to maintain profitability is essential and a win-win situation.”


For more information, visit www.webbuy.com.

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