Women at the Wheel 2022: Lisa Gener

2022 Honoree

Chief Revenue Office
Dealer Alchemist

What is one of your proudest accomplishments of your career?

This current season has been super exciting, it’s action packed and full of heightened professional accomplishments, both personally and for our company, Dealer Alchemist. It’s truly a vibrant time! Being overtly proud is something I balance with humility and, in the rawness of that equity, I have so much gratitude. I have a deep appreciation for the level of dedication, grit, commitment and fortitude that an 18-year pursuit in automotive takes, earning a position as a female executive in our industry. Most of all, I am proud of how this devotion has manifested into an incredible business partnership that stands for integrity and transparency. Just last week, I sat on an all-male executive panel (at an automotive digital marketing conference) for the first time and was so well received and appreciated for speaking in truth and dealer advocacy. That’s some good stuff!


In what do you credit your success and/or what do you think makes you stand apart from your peers?

Success for me, has been a carving, a convergence of winding pathways and a history of humans that makes me who I am today. There’s a ton of encouragement and support, and there’s also moments that I felt whole heartedly attached to and watched fall apart. Everything does happen for a reason! One of the core strengths that I would credit my success to is pure tenacity, the fueled passion and drive that never makes me want to give up and always pushes me forward to progress. There’s a certain fearlessness that is gained from the harrowing rollercoaster rides one has as a 10-year entrepreneur and that might certainly make me unique. Success is also who you surround yourself with, my business partner and I have tenure and foresight and aligned values and our team shares those. “Better together” is an outright affirmation of success!


What tools do you use to help you grow in the industry?

I love this question because it hits home! Last year I felt like the tools I had collected and developed, the tools that had brought the achievement of where I was were literally, the perfect set. Then, in a flurry of growth pains (professionally and personally), I felt like my toolset had been launched into deep space. After getting re-centered and realigning with my core values, I reemerged with the one-tool I’ve always had RADICAL TRUTH and some fresh perspectives on listening, communicating and expressing with more compassion and vulnerable authenticity.


What is your best advice to other women who want to excel in the automotive industry?

My best advice to other women in automotive, who have their hearts set on achievement, is to be intentional with yourself at the start and end of each day. Remind yourself of who are and envision who you will be in your greatest accomplishments. There is strength in your feminine force, you don’t have to mirror the masculine to be successful in a predominately male industry. There’s appreciation for your truest form, the unique ice cream flavor that is you and what you have to offer! Stay centered in your authentic self and grounded in your principals, network with other women you highly regard and always encourage the women around you to rise with you!