Women at the Wheel 2022: Laurie Halter
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2022 Honoree

Laurie Halter

Charisma! Communications

What is one of your proudest accomplishments of your career?

I have been so honored, and consider it such a privilege, to be at a point in my career that I can now reach a hand out and help other women succeed. Whether it’s interviewing them on my podcast, Carearing, suggesting them for a job, an interview or a speaking engagement, or just sharing advice on how I have navigated my own career, I am most proud of my ability to shine a light on women who deserve our admiration and respect. It has truly been the greatest honor of my career to date.


In what do you credit your success and/or what do you think makes you stand apart from your peers?

I absolutely love building relationships and connecting people, so I think my success comes from having a giving mindset and trying to ensure that we all rise together. I’ve been in automotive for more than two decades now and the people in our industry are amazing individuals. There is nothing I love more than making a connection for two people and knowing great things will result from the interaction.


What tools do you use to help you grow in the industry?

A few years ago I began posting to LinkedIn more frequently and sharing more of my authentic self, in addition to posting my Carearing podcast episodes and sharing my love of our auto family. From these posts I was asked to be on podcasts, be sourced for interviews, speak at conferences, write on the topics of female leadership and content marketing, and moderate events like Business, Bourbon and Cigars and panels for the Fixed Ops Roundtable, among others. It was fun to use the public relations tactics we use for clients to promote myself and guess what? It worked!


What is your best advice to other women who want to excel in the automotive industry?

There are so many people out there, and I want to sincerely point out men who do want to see women succeed in our industry. I have been bowled over by the people who have offered to help, uplift, support and promote me. Perception is reality, and if you focus on the people who want to support and uplift you, you will find them and they will absolutely be ready to help you rise. Look for them and reach out with a giving mindset and there is no stopping you!