Janet Fedorowich, AVP National Dealer/Commercial Accounts for Cox Automotive/Manheim
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2021 Honoree

Janet Fedorowich

AVP National Dealer/Commercial Accounts
Cox Automotive/Manheim

What is the proudest accomplishment of your career thus far?  

My proudest accomplishment is recruiting talent, creating winning teams and developing people to fulfill their career goals. After 30+ years in the automotive industry, it has been extremely rewarding to see past employees thrive — both personally and professionally — and advance to executive/leadership positions.   


What is your best advice to other women who want to excel in the automotive industry?  

The best advice I have for other women is work hard and create innovative ideas, have the confidence to put yourself out there and network, seek mentors and set personal development goals. In addition, I recommend being bold with your negotiating skills while selling the value of your organization for a lasting win-win partnership.  


What are some of the ways you have seen the industry support women?  

 I have had the privilege of meeting so many amazing women who run successful and well-regarded automotive companies. It is encouraging to see the automotive industry support the diversification of its talent pool and recognize the contributions of female leaders. It is noteworthy that Manheim’s past and current president are both women.   


What is one thing the industry could do better/differently to support women?  

The one thing the industry could do better is to continue offering training and development programs that offer future career opportunities. We can also do a better job recognizing and highlighting women’s successes and accomplishments.