Women at the Wheel 2022: Arlene Clements
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2022 Honoree

Arlene Clements

Vice President of Business Development
Dominion DMS

What is one of your proudest accomplishments of your career?

One of my proudest accomplishments was joining the leadership team at Dominion DMS to be an integral part of launching VUE DMS. I was recruited for my career experiences, dealership operations and industry knowledge to make a difference with our partners and customers, our team and our bottom line. I feel fortunate to work at Dominion and look forward to our bright future.


In what do you credit your success and/or what do you think makes you stand apart from your peers?

I credit my success to my persistent drive and passion for the automotive industry. Unafraid of challenges, I approach every challenge as a learning and growth opportunity. My passion for automotive is driven by the work we do fueled by the amazing people I have worked with at dealerships, partners, OEMs and most especially the companies who employed me over the years. Most of all, I have been fortunate to work for inspiring leaders who exposed me to a broad range of opportunities and experiences.


What tools do you use to help you grow in the industry?

My favorite tool is networking. I use it to grow my knowledge of the industry, meet other automotive professionals and hear about different perspectives from other leaders. Networking provides opportunities to identify mentors who can help you grow in the industry and, when you are ready, it provides the option to pay it forward as a coach and mentor to others as well.


What is your best advice to other women who want to excel in the automotive industry?

The industry continues to change and evolve so you should never stop learning and being curious. Ask questions, be creative, think outside the box and let your voice be heard. Make sure to learn about technology and the entire ecosystem, not just your company and your products. There are many more women involved in this industry today than ever before, find ways to network and learn. Try attending virtual conferences and in-person networking events whenever possible. Reach out to other women at your company, your clients and on LinkedIn to network and learn.