Water-Efficient Carwashes

Water-Efficient Carwashes

Businesses all over the world are striving to be more environmentally sound. The carwash business is no different.

In the wake of a steadily changing climate, businesses all over the world are striving to be more environmentally sound. The carwash business is no different. Watch to learn how it is Mark VII’s priority to maximize carwash efficiency and lower operating costs for its partners.

Dealers are in the business to make a profit and minimizing water use and sewer discharge is a key component of the profit picture. Mark VII’s SoftWash XT units can now produce exceptionally clean and shiny cars using as little as 12 gallons of water. Compare this with many industry competitors who are still using 40-50 gallons of water, if not more, per vehicle and you can already see the cost AND environment saving benefits of a Mark VII machine.

For more information, visit markvii.net.

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