Volie 'BDC in a Box' Automated Dialer Enables BDC Agents to Make 300+ Calls per Day
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Volie ‘BDC in a Box’ Automated Dialer Enables BDC Agents to Make 300+ Calls per Day

Volie announced that its automated dialer helps auto dealers optimize BDC operations by eradicating time intensive, inefficient click-to-call manual processes. It speeds up customer communications and accelerates agent productivity. Dealerships that use Volie’s dialer as part of the company’s “BDC in a Box” unified messaging platform, achieve 300 dials per agent per day and 85 percent agent productive time. 

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“Dealers don’t need more agents, they need more effective dials,” said Scott Davis, Volie president and co-founder. “Our dialer eliminates manual tasks that lead to agent downtime, like deciding who to call next and clicking a record in a CRM. Our automation blows CRM click-to-call out of the water, dramatically increases productivity and allows dealerships to place ten times more outbound calls every day, without adding a single employee.” 

Doing more with fewer employees is especially important as dealerships across the country regain momentum and rethink staffing needs for today’s more virtual world. Whether working with reduced or remote staff or considering bringing employees back on board, the Volie platform ensures dealers can stimulate business development and customer communications even in an uncertain environment. 


According to Davis, the Volie platform is also a simple and effective system to help dealers establish and run a profitable service BDC. “The global shortage of microchips and sky-high prices for new vehicles is causing more consumers to hold onto older vehicles or shop used car lots, effectively making service departments the go-to option to make up any profits lost by lack of new inventory. Using the Volie platform and automatic dialer, service BDC agents can make hundreds of outbound calls per day to drum up business from new and repeat customers,” Davis stated.


The “BDC in a Box” web-based platform is unique in that it integrates data management, automated campaigns, omnichannel marketing including email and text, and real-time reporting, to increase productivity, reduce time-consuming manual tasks and enable business continuity from anywhere. Designed for both sales and service BDCs, it seamlessly integrates with all DMS. 

“Dealership BDCs struggle with knowing whether agents are productive, if campaigns are being executed in an effective manner, and measuring campaigns so they can do more of what makes them money,” said Davis. “Volie eliminates the guesswork so dealerships can have more productive agents and effective customer communications and make more money. After all, why implement a BDC if you don’t have the tools to make it profitable?”


For additional information and to schedule a demonstration, call 239-201-4944 or visit Volie.com.  

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