VinSolutions Marketing Platform to Help Dealers Take Charge of Campaigns
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VinSolutions Introduces Marketing Platform to Help Dealers Take Charge of Campaigns

Dealers share a common goal to engage customers and maximize profits but doing so efficiently while minimizing marketing spend can prove challenging. With the new Automotive Marketing Platform powered by VinSolutions, dealers can elevate their marketing without increasing their workload. Automotive Marketing Platform is a marketing tool that integrates with the CRM providing an end-to-end view across marketing and sales. This enables dealers to leverage data insights and automate workflows to deliver personalized experiences across the ownership lifecycle. Ultimately, Automotive Marketing Platform is the complete package for driving consumer engagement and helping to maximize ROI.  

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“Until now, dealerships had to manage campaigns across different departments, vendors and marketing channels, which inevitably created inconsistencies, depleted resources and compressed ROI,” said Tracy Fred, vice president of operations for Cox Automotive brands VinSolutions, Xtime and Dealertrack DMS. “With centralization and automation, Automotive Marketing Platform addresses the reality that two-thirds of a salesperson’s time is typically spent on non-revenue-generating activities like managing different tools across departments and duplicate data entry.1” 

Automotive Marketing Platform helps protect dealership revenue with improved customer engagement, greater efficiency in marketing spend, increased marketing reach across departments, time-saving automation and centralization, and superior campaign performance. Key features include:  

  • CRM Integration: Marketing activity is stored directly in the customer record in VinSolutions’ Connect dealership CRM instead of another tool, making it easier to guide personalized conversations, determine next steps and avoid duplicated efforts that frustrate customers and team members alike.  
  • Automated Marketing Workflows: Marketing outreach is informed by data science and real customer behaviors, creating a series of “if, then” scenarios throughout the process that allows communication to be both automated and personalized.  
  • Data Insights: Cox Automotive proprietary data identifies the types of customers who are most likely to be ready to buy based on their online behavior, maximizing sales opportunities, and proactively converting leads before they are even submitted.  
  • Automated Offers Engine: With access to customer data from Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader, Automotive Marketing Platform sends customers personalized offers, matching them with current inventory and including personalized payment recommendations based on their equity position and applicable incentives data.  
  • Marketing Account Manager: All campaigns built in Automotive Marketing Platform are backed by the support of a dedicated Marketing Account Manager, an automotive marketing specialist who guides and executes the dealership’s strategic marketing direction.  
  • Dashboard/Reporting: A robust reporting dashboard enables dealerships to quickly understand the performance of campaigns and channels so impactful adjustments can be made effectively, helping to maximize ROI on marketing spend.  
  • Marketing Channels: Recommendations and automated CRM tasks ensure customers are reached on the right channels, including email, phone calls, and Facebook/Instagram ads. 

“One of the greatest strengths of Automotive Marketing Platform is being able to target customers with the right message, at the right time—at the right moment when the customer is most likely to act and create opportunities for our stores,” added Justin Harmon, Marketing Director, Eide Automotive Group. 


The Automated Marketing Platform joins VinSolutions’ portfolio of products that leverage data science and artificial intelligence, including Connect Automotive Intelligence. In addition to providing salespeople with insights to better understand their customers, dealers will now be able to use Connect AI Buying Signals as a lead source with the new automated lead creation functionality. Connect AI and Automotive Marketing Platform can be purchased separately as well as integrate seamlessly to create even more powerful and accurate customer engagement.  

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1 “Why Sales Reps Spend Less Than 36% of Time Selling (And Less Than 18% In CRM).” Krogue, Ken. Jan. 10, 2018 

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