Veterans & Vehicles: Amber Bates (Army)
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2021 Honoree

Amber Bates (Army)

Customer Support
Rapid Recon

How has your military experience influenced your career in the automotive industry?

Within my particular role, I have adapted well to policy and process changes and have developed a systematic and structured way of carrying out my work and responsibilities.


What are some of the ways you have seen the industry support veterans?

I believe that many industries benefit from hiring veterans for their dependability and tenacity. In my particular case, I didn’t have prior experience in the industry, but was still brought on board. Using the skills I developed in the military helped me to not only convey the value that I could bring to the team during the interview process, but has helped me in the way I have carried out my responsibilities in my particular role.


Give one piece of advice for veterans entering the industry.

Find your passion and run with it. Bring whatever you can from the military to help build and grow your company and/or the auto industry as a whole. There is always room to improve, and veterans bring with them the knowledge and experience that less than 1% of the U.S. population possesses. Home in on that and allow your military service to expand past the time you were actively serving and continue to be a positive impact on others, wherever you are.