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Using the Tools Available to You: Today’s Tech Allows for Instant Improvement

Stop, for a moment, and consider the technology that you most likely have on you at this very moment.

In addition to being your telephone, instant messenger, camera, music player, podcast catcher and occasional flashlight, that computer in your pocket can provide you with tools to help you connect with customers, develop as a professional and grow your business. Throw a tablet into the mix, and you’ve got a mobile computing platform that was purely science fiction just a few years ago.

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On The Job Mobile CRMs — Information that would have been locked into your desktop computer (or the company’s mainframe computer) can now be accessed from your palm. Most CRMs offer a mobile option that allows you to input a potential client’s information while you’re out, pull it up on the fly and allows you to break the chains that bind you to your desk.Online Automobile Information — Consider, for a moment, that you can never be caught off guard by a customer’s question when doing a presentation or a test drive. While being able to pull information out of your own memory is always preferable, a quick search of information available to you on your mobile device straight from the manufacturer will answer any questions the customer has and will reinforce your image as a knowledgeable professional.

Contacting customers — While a telephone call can be a great way to connect with your potential customers, sometimes seeing is believing. In your hand is the potential to speak face to face with customers via Skype, FaceTime or other telecommunication software, along with the ability to provide video of specific vehicles, either live or via email.

Professional Development Skill Building — there are a number of online educational opportunities, from courses in specific software programs to marketing to photography to leadership and beyond. Check out courses from,, and others that can be viewed on your desktop, tablet or phone at your convenience.

Software Training — Most software vendors will provide information, training and tips on effectively using their products. While you might think you know everything there is to know about the software you use day in and day out, you might be surprised to find some shortcut or functionality you didn’t know existed. So, whether you’re an expert or just getting to know the tools you use for a living, take a look at the vendor’s site and make sure you’re up to speed.

Other materials — Thanks to podcasts, blogs and online magazines (I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can get this magazine on your phone by texting “AutoSuccess” to 72727), you can constantly brush up on your skills during any break or downtime. Keep your mind active and keep your skills fresh.
The tools that you keep on or near you can set you apart from the competition if you just use them. They’re literally at your fingertips.

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