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Using the 7 Factor & Educating Customers on Your COVID Policy

The 7 Factor in advertising indicates that people need to see your advertisement seven times before it’s committed to memory — whether it’s in email, marketing, radio, print or social media. 

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For example in radio advertising, the first five seconds of the commercial are used to get your attention. After all, we can’t sell to anyone unless we first get their attention. The next time you listen to the radio, listen for what an advertiser does in the first five seconds to get your attention. Then listen to the first five seconds of your radio commercials. Are you grabbing the audience’s attention before you start into your message? 

Are you scheduling multiple ad spots of the same commercial? Always keep in mind that for the consumer to remember the commercial, they will need to hear it at least seven times. 


This holds true with magazine ads as well. Have you ever opened a magazine and seen an ad on several different pages that are exactly the same? That is the advertiser attempting to make a new memory impression and upholding the 7 Factor.

Dealers can develop more effective advertising and social media strategies by incorporating and applying the 7 Factor. 

COVID Policy Messages

So how do we integrate dealership COVID policies with the 7 Factor? Most dealers by now are posting a message on their website to alert customers of their COVID policy and safety protocols. Some of you have even removed them from your home page banners. Old news, right? But your customer isn’t seeing them anymore. And new customers aren’t seeing them at all. When they visit your sites, checking out your inventory or searching for service solutions, they still need to know what you are doing to protect your customers and staff. Keep in mind that COVID policies are fluid and ever-changing in virtually every part of their world.

Online competitors like Carvana aren’t removing their notices; they are touting their services such as home deliveries with no need to ever visit the dealership. Think about how your dealership can reach out to customers to remind them of your services and customer experience.


We strongly suggest weekly emails to your customer base not only listing your weekly specials but reiterating your COVID policies and the ability to conduct business online 100%. At least share what you have done to streamline the process to minimize contact and make the buying process simple.

These weekly emails should also include something in it for the customer. Consider a weekly theme and include a story, a recipe, fun facts or a health tip. To make weekly emails most effective, you want your customers to look forward to seeing them and, most importantly, read them. 

You can tailor them as though they are coming from your sales consultants. Every customer wants to have their sales professional follow up and can appreciate when someone does something different. After all, people buy cars from people and people buy cars from people they like. 


A consistent email schedule will further incorporate the 7 Factor and keep your dealership top of mind when customers are looking for their next vehicle.

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