Unlocking Positive Reviews: Five Strategies to Go From a 4.0 to 4.5+ on Google

Unlocking Positive Reviews: Five Strategies to Go From a 4.0 to 4.5+ on Google

Online reviews significantly influence consumer decisions in the automotive industry, with over 80% reading Google reviews.

Today, online reviews play a pivotal role in shaping consumer decisions, especially in the automotive industry. A staggering 92% of car buyers conduct research online before making a purchase, but consumer research is unlikely to stop at just what car they’re buying. That research extends to what dealership – and even which sales personnel – they should shop with. More than 80% of consumers report they are likely to read Google reviews before they visit a local business. Online reviews not only serve as a source of information for consumers, but they also serve as a confirmation of a buyer’s choice.

In the competitive landscape of automotive services, positive reviews can be a game-changer. These five strategies will boost your dealership’s reputation by making strategic onsite improvements that elevate the overall customer experience.

1. Invest in Hiring and Training

It should be no surprise that an excellent customer experience starts with exceptional staff. Elevate your dealership by prioritizing recruiting staff who embody not only knowledge but also friendliness and professionalism. These are three often-mentioned character traits in positive dealership reviews, especially in the sales department. Conduct rigorous assessments during the hiring process to gauge these essential traits. Staff-related topics arise in 57% of positive reviews, underscoring the significance of personalized customer interactions. It’s remarkably common for satisfied customers to mention the representative they worked with by name in their positive review, reinforcing both the legitimacy of the review and the memorable experience.

2. Implement Communication Tools and Training

Equip your team, particularly in the service department, with cutting-edge communication tools and comprehensive training programs. Effective communication is the number one way to reduce negative reviews, as poor communication is mentioned in 37% of negative reviews and is the most commonly mentioned negative topic. Confusion or misaligned expectations related to wait times and price often lead to negative outcomes. By addressing common pain points through clear and transparent communication, dealerships can mitigate dissatisfaction upfront and foster positive experiences.

3. Make Strategic Investments

While amenities like valet programs or loaner car services are appealing, they do not significantly impact positive reviews. With the goal of driving more positive reviews, dealerships should direct their investments towards initiatives that resonate with customer feedback: a well-trained, professional and friendly team with reliable and timely communication.

4. Monitor Spikes in Mentions

Online reviews are not a “set it and forget it” strategy. Dealerships must stay vigilant by monitoring fluctuations in key review topics such as communication, management, wait times, honesty and pricing. These topics should be infrequently mentioned in positive reviews. A sudden surge in these areas could signal underlying issues, requiring prompt attention.

5. Avoid Offers That Don’t Impact Reviews

Deals and incentives have minor impact on negative reviews. Dealers can consider discontinuing these offers with the knowledge that their absence will not cause an increase in negative feedback. Instead, dealers can allocate resources from ineffective offers towards other experiences that customers have highlighted they care about.

In a landscape where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, an experience focused on staff and communication will create a reputation that distinguishes a dealership from its competitors, according to millions of customer reviews. By dialing in your sales staff, ending miscommunication around common pain points and allocating resources where your customers say it counts, dealers can cultivate a customer-centric environment that not only delights but also inspires positive reviews.

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