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Top Online Resources for Auto Dealers

Having go-to resources for running the business, getting licensed as an auto dealer and remaining compliant with state rules and regulations is a necessary component of running a successful auto dealership.

Auto dealers wear many hats when running a business, from accountant and bookkeeper to sales manager and marketing coordinator. For even the most experienced dealers, these responsibilities can be both exciting and overwhelming. Having go-to resources for running the business, getting licensed as an auto dealer and remaining compliant with state rules and regulations is a necessary component of running a successful auto dealership. Here are several top online resources for auto dealers that offer assistance in running an efficient, profitable business.

Auto Dealer Blogs
A quick search online returns tens of thousands of professional blog posts related to the business of auto dealers. Blogs come in a variety of forms, from technical expertise in operating an auto dealer business to sales and marketing tips and tricks. There are also several blog posts regarding news and current events of which auto dealers should be aware. Checking expert blogs like AutoSuccess, Auto Dealer Today or Digital Dealer regularly offers insight into the industry along with ideas for running an efficient business model.

Forums for Auto Dealers
In addition to popular blogs, auto dealers may also want to join a forum or two. Forums — which are simply discussion boards for like-minded professionals, specific to auto dealers — provide a direct line into the thoughts and concerns of other industry participants, from new auto dealers to seasoned experts in the business. Having access to a forum like, for example, can prove beneficial in getting new strategies for business management, marketing and staying in-line with regulations.

Education Resources
No matter how long you are in business as an auto dealer, education and training should always be top of mind. States have specific requirements surrounding ongoing training for auto dealers and their staff, but online resources such as make the process of dealer education a breeze. Also, the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association offers several training and education resources for auto dealers in digestible formats.

Licensing Resources
Most states require auto dealer licensing as a regular part of doing business. The process can be daunting initially, but with the right help and guidance, understanding auto dealer licensing does not have to be confusing or challenging. This in-depth e-book — found at — provides all the knowledge a new auto dealer needs when it comes to getting licensed, along with other pertinent details about how to kick-start an auto dealer business most successfully.

Auto Dealer Bond Partners
Having the appropriate bond in place is a requirement as an auto dealer, as this tool provides protection to customers against fraudulent or misleading sales and business practices. But understanding the bonding process and how bonds for auto dealers are priced isn’t always straightforward. The right online bond partner can take away some of the stress of getting bonding as an auto dealer, help with potential claims, and ensure pricing is fit for the business budget.

Sales Training
Another crucial aspect of operating a successful auto dealership is mastering sales. This does not come naturally to everyone, however, and so having the right resources in place for staff is necessary. There are plenty of online sales training resources available at little to no cost for auto dealers and their salespeople that lend a hand in creating an unstoppable salesforce.

Marketing Assistance
Training salespeople is one thing; having customers to sell to is another. Marketing is necessary for auto dealers today, given the highly competitive marketplace with online dealers and physical dealer locations. Marketing assistance through advanced training, strategic planning and design, and campaign implementation and monitoring can make all the difference in getting prospective customers in the door. There are robust marketing resources available online, such as, to auto dealers for this purpose.

Business Software and Technology
Operating an auto dealer business requires skill in selling, marketing, and business management. While some skills come naturally to auto dealers, others, including running a business, do not. Fortunately, there are many online resources meant to ease the learning curve of business management for auto dealers. Software and technology tools used in the right way can make operations seamless and create a more profitable business model for auto dealers big and small. Several technology and software resources are compiled at

Dealer Management Resources
In addition to digital help through software and technology resources, auto dealers can gain valuable information from the Small Business Administration’s website. Through the SBA, auto dealers have access to business planning tools, templates and informative guides and articles to improve understanding of what it takes to run a successful business.

Regulation and Compliance
Last but not least are regulation and compliance resources found online. Auto dealers must stay in the know when it comes to changes in the industry from a regulatory perspective, and that can be a challenge without the right resources earmarked. Both NIADA and the National Automobile Dealers Association have ample information online for regulation and compliance news relevant to auto dealers.

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