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Tire Profiles: ‘TraXtion’ Dealership Solution

Tire Profiles (TPI) announces the company’s newest software, TraXtion. TraXtion allows the auto dealer to manage and act upon the data that the TreadSpec technology provides, helping them be more efficient and more profitable. 

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“I am very excited to announce the launch of TraXtion at this year’s NADA show,” said David Boyle, CEO of TPI. “Tires and alignments are quickly becoming the only real volume sales opportunities left in today’s service industry. Everyone is scrambling to win a share of this lucrative portion of the business, and we at TPI plan to be the company to help our dealer partners win the tire war.”

With the introduction of TraXtion, TPI is providing a technology-enhanced experience for both the auto dealer and their customer. Dealers can now deliver on their customers’ highest expectations by empowering them with the information they need and placing the decision in the palm of their hands, driving loyalty, customer retention and increased sales. The interactive software allows consumers to review their tire wear and tread depth themselves or with their service writer, and it also allows the dealer to remarket to them when replacement is due.

“Statistics show that new car dealers have around a 9% share of the replacement tire opportunity, which leaves lots of room for improvement,” said Boyle. “While tires are a commodity purchase, they are also a major percentage of the overall cost of ownership. In order to realize more revenue from tires and alignments, there needs to be a different approach to selling; we need to change the consumer experience and engage them like never before.”


Boyle notes that with companies like Amazon entering the tire business, it has changed the way consumers purchase today and the tire and auto dealer needs to understand that and adapt.

“It will be the providers who embrace this change and embrace technology who will gain market share during this unprecedented time in our industry,” said Boyle, “TPI will be the partner dealers will turn to in order to help them achieve success.”

If you want to learn more about how Tire Profiles products can help you increase your sales, stop by booth # 4072C at NADA, or go to and click contact us.

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