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5 Tips to Help You Make the Most of NADA

The Super Bowl event for automotive vendors to demonstrate their products and compete for business is coming up fast! Here are five essential tips for dealers to consider in order to make the most of your NADA investment.

As we know, NADA is the Super Bowl event for vendors to demonstrate their products and compete for business. As a dealer, there are five essential tips to consider in order to make the most of your NADA investment.

  1. Prior to attending NADA, discuss with your 20 Group the needs your dealership may have. What software tools do you use and why? Do you track to ROI for each? How is our industry evolving and what tools would be beneficial to adopt early to gain a competitive and marketplace advantage?
  2. Be careful about making a commitment at the show. Make sure you have vetted all available alternatives in that niche. Depending on the stage of your evaluation process, it may be wise to gather information and roundtable with your team prior to signing on the dotted line. Especially when considering DMS or CRM software alternatives.
  3. Give careful consideration to smaller players. Sometimes smaller operations can respond more quickly to requirements and modifications. A digital-retail solution could also be a wise move. Smaller teams often have the ability to be more nimble and quickly pivot to meet your ever-changing needs.
  4. Make sure to take advantage of workshops and education sessions that might be relevant to your needs prior to consummating a new relationship. There’s a full list online at https://show.nada.org
  5. Prior to going to NADA, research companies you potentially would like to partner with and make a list of the vendor names and locations and stick to the list. As we know, it is so easy to get sidetracked by the many shiny objects that catch your eye. Tour the show floor and visit the booths/meeting rooms of those companies that you believe would potentially be a good business partner and fit, then schedule a meeting with a specific date and time, as this is a more productive use of your time.

In the meeting, give the vendor your full attention and allow them to explain “competitive differentiators,” and the value their solution brings to your team. Finally, narrow the options and set-up follow up meetings, if necessary, to include your entire management team.

The 2019 NADA Show at San Francisco’s Moscone Center promises to be another great event, from the NADA Show reception on Thursday night through the closing celebration on Sunday. Using these tips and putting together a plan for the show will ensure you not only enjoy NADA, but leave with a return on your investment.

Tom Murray

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