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Three Steps To Making Sure Your Email Messaging Doesn’t Miss The Mark

It’s no surprise that 2017 will be more competitive than ever, and the right email campaigns can mean the difference between prospects buying from you or from the dealer next door. That’s why segmenting customer data in your CRM is critical, because it’s a cost-effective way to target customers in your database, deliver personalized messaging and increase brand awareness.

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Here are a few tips to help you nail your messaging and get customers in your showroom — not your competition’s:

Tip No. 1: Mine your database. To get the right messages to your customers, you have to know their needs. Use a data-mining tool that integrates with your CRM so you can segment your data by customers who are in positive equity, customers whose leases end in three to six months or customers who typically buy every year — there’s a good chance all of these customers are looking to buy a new car soon. You should also pay attention to Web activity — customers who viewed certain cars on your Website might be interested in incentives on those cars. Or, if customers have used your payment calculator, sending them offers in their price range might get their attention. When you group customers based on these filters, you’ll have an easier time targeting them with messages that address their needs.

Tip No. 2: Make it personal. Once you’ve mined your database and you’re ready to make an offer to a segment, make sure your messaging is personalized and persuasive. Customers want to know you see them as real people — not dollar signs. Demonstrate your one-on-one relationship with them by addressing them by name and referencing past interactions. No one wants to get emails that make them feel like they’re just another recipient on a list. If you aren’t personalizing your messaging, you can expect to see a lot of opt-outs.

Tip No. 3: Measure your success. It’s always important to break down the data to see whether you’re missing the mark or making a connection. From there, you can easily determine ROI and decide how to adjust your strategy. Compare your conversion rates to the number of touches: If customers engage with your content, but aren’t reaching out, rethink your messaging and consider adjusting your call to action. Pay attention to metrics such as open rates and read rates — if your emails aren’t getting opened, try changing up your subject line. If they aren’t getting read, adjust your strategy to get your customers’ attention.

You know how profitable email marketing can be for your business — 43 percent of the nation’s car shoppers say promotions and sales emails will motivate them to visit a dealership. You have plenty of opportunities to make connections with customers through email, but simply sending emails isn’t enough anymore. It’s more important than ever to make those opportunities count with targeted, personalized messaging. If you’re mining your database to create customized campaigns, you’ll stand out from your competitors — and close more deals.

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