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The Texas Three-Step: A Three-Stage Marketing Play That Will Set Your Phones on Fire

It always seems that the more personal a marketing plan is, the more effective it is. Engagement is the premise behind this monster. Let’s begin with what you’ll need.


Why do I call this the Texas Three-Step? Simply because I’m from Texas and it sounds cool. Oh, and it’s a three-step marketing process.

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It always seems that the more personal a marketing plan is, the more effective it is. Engagement is the premise behind this monster. Let’s begin with what you’ll need:

​First, you need a CRM and a customer base. Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you have both in place. If not, try a newspaper ad. You’ll begin this campaign as you would an email blast. Let’s use these parameters as an example: customers who own a 2006-2014 Ford F-150. First, we’re going to download these customers into a .csv file. Hold on to this file — you’ll need it in all three steps.


Step 1: The Ringless Voicemail

What is “ringless voicemail”? It’s simply taking one recorded voicemail and delivering it to multiple cell phones without ringing the device. Yes, that’s a thing. So let’s make sure your customer .csv list includes cell phone numbers and email addresses. Read this part carefully. The person recording the voicemail needs to be the dealer or general manager — a person with clout and, preferably, personality. The recorded message on this campaign could be something like this:

“Hi, this is John Smith, I’m the owner here at John Smith Ford. I was looking through some of my records and noticed that you currently own a Ford F-150. We are in desperate need of clean used pickup trucks, and I was wondering if you would consider selling it if I were to give you above-market value for it right now? Maybe you have even been thinking about upgrading, and we have 0 percent interest or $13,000 off some of our new trucks. I’ve been able to trade a lot of my customers out of their current trucks and get them into a new one with lower payments! Either way, could you please call myself or my inventory manager at 123-456-7899 (tracking number sent directly to a manager’s cell)? We’d love to talk to you about this. I look forward to hearing from you and sorry I missed you.”


There are several companies that will set this up for you or you can use some “do-it-yourself ” products with a meager search effort. These tools allow you to control the amount of calls you place each day and the time of day you want them to go out. I can see the hamster wheel turning — and this is just step one.

Step 2: The 24-Hour Follow-Up Video Email

Twenty-four hours after the voicemail, you’ll use the same customized list and create an email blast using video. Yes, we’re going to follow up a personal voicemail with a personal video email message. Boom goes the dynamite. If you are not currently using a video email product like BombBomb or CoVideo, shame on you. Get it set up now, regardless if you use the information in this article. Again, this needs to be the same authority figure who left the voicemail. Comb your hair, look like a baller, smile and read this script naturally:


“Hi there, it’s John Smith again, the owner here at John Smith Motors. I left you a message yesterday about the possibility of buying your F-150. I don’t know if you’ve had time to think about it, but I at least wanted you to put the name with the face and the voice. In the meanwhile, down below are a couple of examples of our deals on new F-150s. Feel free to check them out. I’m still willing to give you big money for your F-150 in addition to these current deals! Do me a favor and call my inventory manager or myself directly at 123-456-7899 so we can discuss this further. Thanks, and we will follow up with you the day after tomorrow.”


Getting dizzy yet? I’m not finished.

Step 3: Custom Audience Facebook Ads

Now it’s time to upload the same list to Facebook. Create two or three ads specifically for this audience. In this example, I would go with F-150 rebates, F-150 payments and a “We’re looking for F-150s” type ad that includes a call to action. Let’s let these rip a day or two after the video email for a solid week or two. After steps 1, 2 and 3, they’ll be convinced it’s a sign from the new car gods! The fact that these people have had two previous personalized contacts from the dealer or GM will make these hyper effective. Plus, the fact that this is a limited number of targeted prospects will make this marketing initiative dirt-cheap.


I’m telling you, the phone is going to ring, so make sure you’re ready with a strategy on how you plan to set and confirm these appointments. Just be sure that the customer gets a “VIP” offer from the authority figure delivering the messages to give added incentive to take action. The key to this strategy is making the customer feel like they are getting something exclusive. Make them feel special. These customized lists from your CRM are as diverse as your mind will let them take you. Also, remember this is quality over quantity. Pick your campaigns wisely and don’t inundate your client base. You don’t want to reduce the impact going forward.


Remember: sincere and conversational messages, video email with calls to action (see the examples below) and effective Facebook ads.

Here are just a few ideas for other three-step campaigns:

  • Early lease turn-in (Offer to pay lease forward)
  • Lower interest rate (Customer list more than X percent)
  • Recalls (Use heavy year and models) — Entice with discounted oil change with recall repair. This is a big one.
  • Bought tires three or more years ago (Buy three, get one free)
  • Been awhile since you were in for service (Incentivize them to come in and drop them on slow service appointment service days)
  • Invitation-only VIP event to repeat customers
  • Body shop PDR (Imagine having this cued up to deliver during a hail storm, telling VIP customers to get the reservations in early ahead of the rush)
  • Customers who didn’t buy a service contract within 3,000 to 5,000 miles of factory warranty expiration (25 percent off VSCs or 0 percent interest)

I could fill the next three pages with more, but hopefully you’re picking up what I’m laying down.


If this gives you anxiety about the amount of work, drop me an email and I’ll help you with it. Do it right and you’ll be Texas ThreeStepping in some really expensive boots.

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