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The Education Bug

The level of education around us is getting greater. Customers are smarter, we have more tools, more education, smarter vendors — it’s time to up your game.

Maybe it’s because it’s back-to-school season or maybe it’s the last quarter push that makes dealers excited to learn, but at AutoSuccess, we are seeing large bumps in our online readership and time on our website. I’m happy to report that there’s been a huge push in our webinar attendance, video views and website traffic. Readers seem to have the education bug and are gobbling up the great content on our site. 

Admittedly, there is a lot more to explore on our website than ever before. Back in the first days of our online presence, we barely had anything more than links to our podcast and our digital edition. 

Now, thankfully, not only is every article and blog available to read any time, but so are all of our videos, podcasts, news updates and more. You’ll find our Dealer Insider videos housed there — these are my one-on-one interviews with some of the industry’s top dealers and dealer partners. I have had the pleasure of speaking with some of my favorite industry friends and our Women at the Wheel honorees. 

Another excellent source of information is our AutoSuccess webinars. These events connect participants with leaders in all facets of the industry. Dealers can learn about the secrets for success in digital retailing and important improvements to make in your F&I department. Experts in marketing share their knowledge on topics such as “How Your Website’s User Experience is Costing You Business,” “Maximize Your Video Walkaround Strategy” and “Marketing During Uncertain Times.”

Participants have responded with enthusiasm: 

“Very informative, keep them coming!”

“Great presentation!”

“Good information for both dealers and those of us that help dealers source, market and sell vehicles.”

“This was jammed packed with value. I love that this webinar looked at things as a whole instead of just presenting a specific area of a dealer. Job well done!”

“Super helpful, I loved the mixed backgrounds of speakers, which made it very well rounded in terms of input.”

“Great flow and awesome questions! Susan was great as she made sure everyone was heard as well.”

“Thank you for timely and authentic advice.

“It was a very good and timely topic to cover and offered some great tips on where to find potential cost savings and eliminate unnecessary spending.”

That’s music to my ears! And your ears can listen in at any time. If you miss one of the webinars, you can go back and listen at your convenience. 

The level of education around us is getting greater. Customers are smarter, we have more tools, more education, smarter vendors — it’s time to up your game. And we’re here to help you do just that.

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