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The “Be Happy” Attitudes

Believing is becoming. This positive attitude will be the difference that makes all the difference in the success of your organization and your life.


“To be, or not to be. That is the question.” — Hamlet, Act III, Scene 1

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Leadership involves being.

People willingly follow leaders who know who they are and where they are going. Therefore, in order to effectively lead others, you must first evaluate your own attributes and strive to be what it is you desire from others.

So, the first question leaders must ask themselves is what do they want to be? What is their mission? What are their values? What principles do they use to guide their decisions on a daily basis?

If you know a successful person, odds are that you desire to be like him or her — not just materially but, more important, interiorly. The definition of a successful leader is someone who possesses attributes that reflect higher levels of motivation and moral development, giving them the ability to affect both real and intended change.


Now, insert “attitude” in place of “attribute” in that definition and determine what type of attitude you want to have, because that will influence the attitudes of those who follow you. We are what we think, so having the right mindset translates into having the right attitude. This forms us into the best version of ourselves, which enables us to effectively lead others.

Great leaders inspire and influence others to be great. In order to be great, it is important to have a great attitude and way of thinking, because how we think affects how we feel and how we act. If we want to become a better leader, we need to become a better person. That all starts by minding our mind, which is the source of our thoughts and attitudes and, in turn, influences us and everyone we lead. Following are the “Be” Attitudes of Leadership that can help you and all who follow you:


Blessed is the leader who:
• considers leadership an opportunity for service. The greatest leader in the world came not to be served, but to serve.
• has a solid foundation upon which to build. A leader whose philosophies are founded on solid virtues will lay a foundation for his or her dealership, department and family that will not be shaken.
• has not sought the high place, but who has been drafted into service because of his or her ability and willingness to serve.
• lays down his or her own interests for the benefit of others. An effective leader seeks the best for those he or she serves, even at the greatest sacrifice.
• develops leaders while leading. Leadership involves always being available to mentor those who are attempting to follow.
• does so by example. Integrity is the quality of being complete, of being bound by firm adherence to a code of ethics and morals. Teach these truths to others.
• walks with his or her group and feels the pulse of their followers. These connections will allow a good leader to correctly interpret the signs of the pathways that lead to success and results.
• leads with clear vision. Always develop and communicate a crystal-clear, long-term vision of where the organization is going and know exactly what is needed to attain that vision. Keep your head in the clouds, but your feet planted firmly on the ground.
• has not seen, but believes. Be persistent and do not waiver if you have not yet achieved your desired results. Just as a precious stone cannot be polished without friction, we cannot be perfected without adversity.


Leadership is a higher calling. It involves a dynamic journey based on mutual influence and common purpose between leaders and collaborators, in which both are moved to higher levels of motivation and moral development as they affect real, intended change.

Leadership begins with developing an attitude of being all that we ourselves desire to be. Believing is becoming. This positive attitude will be the difference that makes all the difference in the success of your organization and your life.

Be a transformational leader. Being all that you should be will inspire others to follow you and to transcend their own self-interest for the good of their customers, colleagues and community. They will become leaders for others, to not only make money but to make a difference in the lives of everyone they serve.


Leading others to a higher place will help you do the same because the high road always leads to a better destination — and using your time and talents to reach a higher place will be your ultimate success.

Sean Wolfington

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