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Taking Yourself Back to School

“Getting an early start to the day gives you more time when you’re at your most productive, and helps you be proactive, instead of reacting, to the day’s events. Be prepared and ready before the customers come to your door.”

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” — William Pollard

Spring is often seen as the “time of renewal” for the year, but fall can bring just as many changes. For those of us with children, getting them ready to go back to school can be an… adventure. And, for those of us in the automobile industry, new model years can be an adventure, as well. This is the time when excited customers come in to look at the latest and greatest vehicles available, or try to make deals on the remainder of last year’s models still in inventory.

The idea of going “back to school” can be a useful one for any of us. As things change around you, consider the changes you can make in your own life, routine and career to make the most of your time.

Get an Early Start

Summer can be a time when it’s easy to ease back on the throttle, relax and let some things slide. When the kids have to get up for school, though, you might have to get up earlier yourself. Even if you don’t have kids — or you’re not responsible for what time they get up these days — take this opportunity to get a jump on the day by rising a little earlier. Getting an early start to the day gives you more time when you’re at your most productive, and helps you be proactive, instead of reacting, to the day’s events. Be prepared and ready before the customers come to your door.

Learn Your Lessons

The great thing about going back to school is that you’ll learn things during the day that make you a brighter person than you were when you got up that morning. There’s no reason this progress has to stop once you get your diploma. The movers and shakers of our industry — of any industry — are those who are never satisfied with what they know. There’s always more to learn. Through books, online classes, Webinars, podcasts and any number of other methods, you can end your day a better, more experience professional than when you started.

Build Your Social Circle

One of the unofficial lessons we learn in school is how to get along with others. In today’s connected world, we can build meaningful relationships with people we’ll never meet in real life. Every circumstance you face — no matter how challenging or intimidating — has been faced and overcome by someone. By interacting through 20 Groups, social media or other forums, you can plug yourself into a larger world and be both a student and a teacher to those you’ll meet.

Susan Givens

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